What's it Like Working With Play-Well?

We are looking for smart, creative, dynamic Engineering Instructors to lead our enrichment classes, summer camps and birthday parties throughout the year!

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Have you ever had a job that was so much fun, it didn’t really feel like work?

We play every day. We play to…
  • Explore the world.
  • Express ourselves.
  • Solve problems.
Come play well with us!


  • “When I went in for the interview, I realized that he was just as silly and goofy as I was… all of the coworkers that I have are just tremendously fun people to be around, and I think this position attracts that kind of person.”

  • "I don't think that I've ever had a job, except for at Play-Well, where I felt like I was both having fun and making a difference.”

  • “When I brought my teaching kit home for the first time, I was in awe, and kind of in shock. It’s kind of like winning the lottery for Lego enthusiasts. It was really amazing.”

  • "In the beginning, in truth, I was just really excited to get paid to play with LEGO®. I'm still excited to play with LEGO®, but I could not have imagined all the amazing things I would do through Play-Well. I am excited working at this company because I do not even know what amazing thing will happen next. I could not have imagined the stories that would unfold in class, or the wonderful students who helped create them. I could not have imagined connecting with such wonderful adults (both parents and staff) and I am excited to be apart of it all."

  • “Before I was in this job, I didn’t know how things worked. But then I started building all these machines, and I saw how those pieces fit together. And it opened my mind.”

  • “I love those kids who sit there and say ‘Well, I can’t do this.’ Yeah, you CAN do this. Let me show you how.”

  • “Being part of Play-Well is the opportunity to be yourself.”

  • “OMG! Superhero Engineering and Green Engineering were both such a blast to teach today!! I am sooo happy that this is my job and life.”

  • "I've stayed with Play-Well because I love what I do."

  • "I have stayed on with Play-Well for two main reasons. The first is that I still enjoy the work after two years. The second reason is that it would be near impossible to find another job that met my personal requirements the way this one does. The high pay rate, flexible hours, superb local management,and fulfilling work that Play-Well offers are things that all companies should strive for. As instructors we don't just Play-Well, we Work-Well too."