What are Play-Well Enrichment Programs Like?

What can you do with over 20,000 pieces of LEGO®? In our Engineering with LEGO® enrichment program,take on real-life engineering challenges. In our classes, explore concepts in physics, architecture, mechanical and structural engineering. Find inventive solutions in a fun-filled context that supports the growth of young minds through hands-on, minds-on learning.

  • I just wanted to say thank you. My son had a great time! Mr. Anthony is a 5-star intstructor. I found it facsinating that he was able to teach, train and guide this little people all while allowing them to really dig in, have fun and explore their potential. I loved that the children were held acountable in a very tactful and kind way. I was there the entire time (out of the way) and I really appreciate his teaching style. Besides what I just mentioned, these kids had a blast, well at least mine did.


  • "My son loved your instructors! They were well-organized and fun! This was his second summer at a Play-Well camp, and he'll be back again next year!"

    Truesdell C.

  • “I just wanted to say thank you to you and your staff for putting on such a great Engineering with LEGO class. Regardless of who the instructor is, the program stays strong.”

    Zoe L.

  • “I have to comment that this class has completely met and exceeded my expectations. My wife is a former school teacher and I'm an engineer. I have been looking for just such a class for my gifted five-year-old boy for some time. My son has come home and has proceded to build (on his own) motorized cars, a double belt and double pulley driven gondola, a belt and pulley driven escalator, and even a facsimile of an egg beater. Remarkable!”

    Tom H.

  • “I wanted to send along a note to let you know how grateful I am that you brought Play-well TEKnologies to our school. The Play-Well Engineering class has provided my son with even more creative "know-how" to build with more confidence and ingenuity. He has enjoyed the Engineering class so much, he cannot wait to attend each week! You are doing such a fantastic job with teaching the students all of the math and engineering skills they need to not only be successful in this fun class, but to take this knowledge with them in everyday life!”

    Michael D.

  • “Your Play-Well class works with all sorts of kids. They LOVE the creativity. Nothing is "wrong." How many kids get to play with motors, and make things go? Each instructor that I have met has been SO cool with the kids, and the kids really listen and well, you guys rock. ”

    Margaret M.


Our enrichment program is a multi-session course for elementary or middle school students. Classes typically meet once per week before or after school for an entire quarter (Fall/Winter/Spring). Session duration is generally 90-minutes. Varying session length and class timing may be negotiated with your local Area Manager.


Students work individually, in teams, and as a group throughout the sessions. A short discussion and demonstration of the day’s topic starts each meeting. Children are given a design/building assignment at the beginning of the meeting. Instructors will provide individual assistance and instruction and facilitate challenges, performance testing, competitions, and modifications to projects.


Our instructors have varied careers and educational backgrounds (mechanical engineering, architecture, biology, art, geology, education, civil engineering, etc.). More important, though, is that all share a common enthusiasm for kids, engineering, and LEGO. Many of our instructors have been leading classes and directing summer camps for several years. The instructor may not be determined until shortly before the first class meeting. An assistant instructor will be added at our discretion.


We will provide all materials for the course each week. There is no ‘take away’ LEGO that goes home with the child after camp, only memories and new building skills!


Class minimums and maximums vary by area and school. These numbers are contingent on room size, age level, and the availability of parent volunteers to assist the Play-Well instructor.


Our core programs for elementary students are Adventures in STEM and STEM Explorations. Please check our Programs page for information about more specialty programs which may be available in your area.


Pricing varies based on area, course being offered, number of sessions, etc. Please check on current pricing with an Area Manager.