Hosting a Play-Well Program

We offer many options for hosting your programs at your location or at one of our activity centers. For information on hosting specific types of programs, click on the appropriate button below.


How Can I Bring a Play-Well Enrichment Class to My School?

  • Mention our Engineering FUNdamentals classes to your PTA / PTO president, after-school coordinator, or principal.
  • Contact a Play-Well Area Manager to get a class proposal summary outlining our curriculum, teaching methodology, and class fees.

Homeschool Classes

Play-Well has worked with homeschool parents for many years, and has brought engineering ideas to homeschoolers at many age levels. We offer homeschool classes at our Activity Centers as well as at many offsite locations.

Play-Well TEKnologies is registered with the following home-school/charter programs:

  • Connecting Waters
  • Horizon
  • Pathways
  • Gorman Learning Center
  • Julian Charter School
  • Sky Mountain Charter School
  • Dehesa Charter School
  • Inland Leaders Charter School
  • Great Hearts Academies
  • Imagine Schools
  • Sonoran Schools
  • Bright Beginnings School
  • Golden Valley Charter School

For information on classes at our Marin center, contact Play-Well Marin. For offsite classes, contact your local charter program, or contact a Play-Well Area Manager for more information on available programs.

How to Set Up a Play-Well Homeschool / Private Class in My Area?

  • Find a group of parents in that area interested in participating in a Play-Well Engineering FUNdamentals class.
  • Determine a day and time that all participants can meet.
  • Find a suitable venue to offer the class (E.g. home, event center, restaurant, etc.)
  • Contact a Play-Well Area Manager to get a class proposal summary outlining our curriculum, teaching methodology, and class fees.

Special Events

We have used our expertise in designing hands-on curriculum and learning activities to help our partners create a wide variety of special events,including in-class engineering presentation, school-wide science days, teacher training, school open houses, and more. We can help you fashion a unique event fro your school, class, group, or company. Contact your area manager to discuss the possibilities.

Recreation Centers


Our Summer Camp program format is a week long course for elementary or middle school students. Sessions are three hours per day for five days, Monday-Friday. Typically we run two camps each week, one age group is scheduled for the morning and one in the afternoon. We provide all the materials, instructor(s) and curriculum to your location and run the entire week-long program with little to no assistance from on-site staff. The specific camp type is determined upon scheduling the camp with an Area Manager, and there are a variety of options to choose from for different age groups and themes. Varying session length and class timing may be negotiated with your local Area Manager.


Students work individually, in teams, and as a group throughout the sessions. A short discussion and demonstration of the day’s topic starts each session. Children are given one or two design/building assignments each day. Instructors will provide individual assistance and instruction and facilitate challenges, performance testing, competitions, and creative modifications to projects.


Our instructors have varied careers and educational backgrounds (mechanical engineering, architecture, biology, art, geology, education, civil engineering, etc.). More important, though, is that all share a common enthusiasm for kids, engineering, and LEGO. Many of our instructors have been leading classes and directing summer camps for several years. The instructor may not be determined until shortly before the first class meeting. An assistant instructor will be added at our discretion for camps with higher enrollments.


We will provide all materials for the course each week. There is no ‘take away’ LEGO that goes home with the child after camp, only memories and new building skills!


Class minimums and maximums vary by area and camp location. These numbers are contingent on room size, age level, and program type.p>


Our core programs for elementary students are PRE Engineering using LEGO and Engineering FUNdamentals using LEGO. We also offer specialty courses which incorporate themes, additional challenges and/or computer programming skills. Please check our Programs page for information about the specialty programs which may be available in your area.


Camp pricing varies based on area, course being offered, session duration, etc. Generally, our fees are assessed per registered student, and do not include any location fee or client markup (added at the hosting facility's discretion). Please check on current pricing with an Area Manager. Play-Well has the ability to run registration and collect fees, or we can invoice the hosting location if they elect to manage the registration process.