MARIN SUMMER CAMPS (sorted by city)

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Mill Valley
Mill Valley Parks & Recreation
 STEM + Robotics using LEGO« EV3: FULL DAY
Ages: 7 to 12
Jul 2nd - Jul 6th8:30am - 4:00pmMill Valley Middle School
 STEM + Minecraft Adventure w/LEGO« Materials: FULL DAY
Ages: 5 to 8
Jul 23rd - Jul 27th8:30am - 4:00pmMill Valley Middle School
Novato Parks Rec and Community Services
 STEM + Minecraft Survival w/LEGO« Materials: FULL DAY
Ages: 6 to 12
Jun 25th - Jun 29th8:30am - 4:00pmRancho School
 Robotics using the LEGO« WeDo« System
Ages: 6 to 8
Jul 16th - Jul 20th9:00am - 12:00pmRancho School
 Robotics using the LEGO« EV3 System
Ages: 7 to 14
Jul 16th - Jul 20th1:00pm - 4:00pmRancho School
San Rafael
Marinwood Community Services District
 Mine, Craft, Build: Adventure Game with LEGO« Materials
Ages: 5 to 7
Jul 16th - Jul 20th9:00am - 12:00pmMiller Creek Middle School
 Jedi Master Engineering with LEGO« Materials
Ages: 7 to 12
Jul 30th - Aug 3rd9:00am - 12:00pmMiller Creek Middle School
Osher Marin JCC
 Jedi Engineering with LEGO« Materials
Grades: 1 to 2
Jun 25th - Jun 29th10:00am - 2:00pmOsher Marin JCC
The Ranch
 STEM + Minecraft Adventure w/LEGO« Materials: FULL DAY
Ages: 5 to 7
Jun 18th - Jun 22nd9:00am - 2:00pmReed School

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