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Typically we work on either a belt drive car or a battletrack 'monorail' project. We have found these to be the easiest to build while still allowing for advanced and creative exploration. Our goal is to make sure all participants can successfully complete the project.

We will arrive and set up immediately before the party. Children may have free play with the LEGO® until a sufficient number have arrived to begin the project. At the end of the 1 to 1.5 hour project (an age appropriate directed building activity utilizing LEGO® Technic and system components) we will pack up while children go to other activities. We expect to be at your site for approximately 15 minutes before the party and 15 minutes after the party. Other scenarios can be arranged.

We just choose a project that follows a requested theme in that delicious overlap between the pop culture kids love, and LEGO.


There Will Be Spinjitzu (though sadly no Daniel Day-Lewis).  Spinjitzu is the technique that the ninjas use to do lots of cool things in the Ninjago TV series.  The Play-Well version is a motorized spinning top that the kids can battle with.  Dragons are another possibility, and advanced students may even attach their dragons to motorized wheels and have them “fly” along a clothesline, gondola-style.  Another option is a ninja-styled Battletrack vehicle with a chopping arm attached as a weapon!


That's easy: who has the most cool toys?  Batman, that's who.  Everybody knows the "tumbler" style Batmobile, and he has countless cool gadgets too.  For a more story-oriented party, we might build Ace Chemical plant with falling trap doors and stage a daring rescue attempt.  Please be aware that we might not have designs to work with all superhero themes, but we will do our best.  For an Avengers-themed party, for example, we could work as a team to build the mighty Helicarrier – it’s an aircraft carrier with 4 motorized turbofans on the sides!


The two most common projects are motorized Speeder Bikes, and X-Wing/TIE Fighter Battle Tracks or Gondolas.  These projects are easy to recognize as Star Wars projects, and they’re a lot of fun for builders of all ages & experience levels.  Motorized walking droids or big, lumbering AT-AT walkers are also fun possibilities.  May the force be with you!


Prices vary depending upon the location and length of the party, please contact your area manager.

Payment is due within 10 days of booking your party. Please discuss cancellation and refund policies with your local manager at the time you book your party.

Yes, we tailor our projects to age group and gender. All kids have a great time!

The participants need to be at least four and a half years old. In this age bracket we would build a simple belt drive car. For older participants, we would work on a battletrack project or tailor a specific project.

A typical offsite birthday party lasts for 1 to 1.5 hours depending on age and location

Absolutely! Adults have just as much fun as the kids!

Yes, siblings can participate. However, you will be charged per participant regardless of their age and how much of the party activity they participate in.

We have found that you need at least six participants to generate enough excitement and energy to make a successful party. However, most parties typically have at least ten participants.

We have done a birthday party for fifty kids. (Triplets and each of their sets of friends).

The participants do not get to keep the bricks because we reuse them throughout year for our classes, camps, and other activities, and because the cost of the materials used for birthday projects is quite high (typically $50 or more per child) We do encourage parents to take pictures of the participant's creations!

Yes. More information can be found at each center's page:

Yes, we typically offer parties after 5 p.m. at your site during the weekdays.


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